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Patch Ver. 0.47
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Thu Nov 15 2007, 01:27PM

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Greetings, Maplers!
MapleStory Client ver. 0.47 is now live!

Thank heavens for Thanksgiving!

MapleStory's annual celebration commences--this time with a bit of a twist. This year's event includes the Thanksgiving Drop, our
all-new Turkey Commandos, and as a way to say "Thank you" to our player base, every user in MapleStory can receive free
Maple Points via an in-game quest!

Help Mom and Dad out with Thanksgiving, receive your Allowance and take it to any Store vendor in Henesys, Amoria and New Leaf City
to receive a 100 or 250 point Nexon Game Card. This event will run for the entire month, and the cards will turn into Maple Points
at the end of the event. Stop by Mom and Dad in Henesys to start the quest!

Grandma Benson has started her annual Pie Drive! Stop by and start making those Pumpkin Pies!
Guilds! It's time to hunt for pie! The Guild with the most Pumpkin Pies will receive Maple Points!

For Web events this month, we have a Thanksgiving Poem contest, where 5 lucky users will have their poem immortalized with a custom
Poster! We also have our MapleStory-themed Thanksgiving Dinner/Dessert contest! Check out the website for more details!

(And where did those Commandos come from? Perhaps Professor Foxwit has an answer...)

Below is a brief overview of what’s in store:

< New Quests >- Pumpkin Pie Quest
- Pumpkin Pie Guild QUest
- Dinner Fixin's
- Game On!

< Monsters >- Turkey Commando

< Item >- Chief Axe
- Mashed Potato
- Pilgrim Hat
- Corn
- Pumpkin
- Pie Crust
- Allowance
- Nexon Game Card: 100 Points
- Nexon Game Card: 250 Points

...and much more!

< Cash Item >- Dragon Armor (Dragon Pet Equip)
- Forked Turkey
- Flaming Marshmallow
- Jr. Reaper sign (Pet Equip)
- My Buddy Max
- Chicken Smackaroo
- Baby Turkey Carriage (Pet Equip)

...and much more!

check out the Cash Shop!

Enjoy the new content for MapleStory! Happy Mapling!

- The MapleStory Staff -

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EaZy RyCe
Thu Nov 15 2007, 04:46PM
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are we going to do the pie quest event?
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Thu Nov 15 2007, 06:50PM
Shiny Kitty Bishop

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I think I have like 600-1k pies saved on my mule. Wonder if we can count those. O-o


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Fri Nov 16 2007, 03:46AM

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i think your mule would need to be in guild for it to took ages for me to get 10 today ><~
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Fri Nov 16 2007, 02:19PM
Shiny Kitty Bishop

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We did the event last year when I was in Emperors and won third place. We had like three mules totally full of pies. ~___~; It took them a month and a half to give us the maple points though. We had to remake emperors and put mules in the guild to get the nx. xDD


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Sun Nov 18 2007, 08:39AM

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mindeh cheater LOL

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