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The big day!
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Mon Oct 20 2008, 01:05AM

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Date: Tuesday, Oct. 21st
Time: 9 pm EDT
Place: Channel 5 Horn Tail cave (where you register)
Method: Superslimes

Help needed: I need you guys to help me take screen shots. I know I won't have time to take them myself because of the whispers, or should I simply turn it off? Anyway, take SS's for me. Frap will be even better.

[ Edited Mon Oct 20 2008, 02:00AM ]
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Tue Oct 21 2008, 07:02PM
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wow..i have 2 go get HT quest done F3
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Tue Oct 21 2008, 07:29PM

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I'll leave Alentseya afk there. I'll be at the library for most of today.I'll be back in my dorm for it, then after that I'll head back to library! @_@; Grinding for chem mid-term. ;o

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Tue Oct 21 2008, 08:15PM

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Guildies, don't forget to take screen shots for me,
and post them here afterwards.
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Wed Oct 22 2008, 01:18AM
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Screenshot 1
Screenshot 2

Once again, congratulations Eva. I like how the Superslime dropped a Kerning PQ ticket. Heh.
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Wed Oct 22 2008, 01:19AM

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dam i missed it....had extension on practice T.T NUUUUU

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Wed Oct 22 2008, 04:09AM

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Thanks Ed.

I missed it myself.
I knew that would happen.
Now I got yours.
Nice catch.

Thanks again.
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